The Benefits of Spaying/Neutering Your Bunny

I would highly recommend spaying or neutering your pet. Here are a few reasons why I feel this way:

1) Getting your female bunny fixed, prevents unwanted pregnancies and big litters.

2) Better for your rabbit's health. Rabbits that are spayed/neutered have a better chance of staying alive longer because it greatly lowers the risk of cancer.

3) A fixed rabbit has a calmer and happier life. Your rabbit will behave and train better once its been spayed/neutered due to the lowered sexual aggression. This is a big plus because your rabbit won't have as much of an urge to dig, chew, growl, bite you and destroy your household!

4) Once your rabbit is fixed, your bun will make a better companion for you and other pets in your home.

Due to major improvements in the surgical field for animals, rabbits are really safe to have this procedure done. Do though make sure your vet has experience in the spaying/neutering procedure. Most vets feel comfortable if you bring your pet in when it's about 6 months old (males can come in about 5 months). If you think your rabbit is too old to be fixed, bring your pet in to be checked out. Usually vets have a cut off line at about 6 years old, but your particular vet might feel differently. If you can't tell if your pet has been neutered, chances are your bun hasn't, and you should bring it in for a check up.
Panasonic proclaimed June 14 "Neuter Your Bunny" Day.

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