A Rabbit's Tale: Buhk Buhk's Story

6/16/08 ~ About 3 weeks ago I lost my pet rabbit, Buhk Buhk. I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to talk about him until I had a recent visit with one of my clients in Manhattan. Her story about how she decided to take in a rabbit reminded me of how my Buhk Buhk came into my life. I became inspired, and that is why I am telling my story now.

My Buhk Buhk was originally named "Buckwheat" by some provincial people living outside of Buffalo, NY. It was believed that had lived with them for about 3-4 years. From what I've heard he was a tough barn bunny who spent his days fighting and mounting other barnyard dogs, cats and rabbits. He was then adopted by a new family that had a little girl who couldn't pronounce "Buckwheat," so she instead called him "Buhk Buhk." They had him for about 3 years and needed someone to care for him when they were moving into an apartment with my friend. My friend asked me if I could care for him and I decided that my life was stable enough to take in a bunny.

Buhk Buhk was much different from previous rabbits I had. For one thing, this rabbit never really had a stable home and also didn't get enough proper attention. He wasn't neutered and he was too old to be altered. He wasn't litter or house trained as well! I quickly realized I had a lot of teaching to do! It wasn't easy at first, this bunny came equipped with plenty of attitude. It took a few weeks for him to be litter trained and about a year to become house broken. He eventually started to respond to my voice when I would call him over. Buhk was such a joy to have in the family, for example: he would eat dinner when I ate dinner, he would lounge around and watch TV if I was there doing the same thing and we would have fun playing a game of chase in the living room. Buhk seemed to win the hearts of everyone in my family. They were all very impressed as to how well trained he was. My father mentioned that I should start becoming a local "rabbit trainer." I initially brushed off this idea thinking that he was crazy (little did I know)!

Buhk Buhk passed away at the estimated age of 10 years old! In case you didn't know, that's amazing for a rabbit. It's funny there have been a few times when I thought he was going to die. I called him the "bunny with 9 lives." When he finally did pass away though, it was almost as if I didn't want to believe it, even though I knew his death was coming for awhile.

I miss him tremendously, but soon I'll be ready to adopt a new pet that needs love and a stable home, just like he did. Thank you to my readers and clients who have expressed their condolences and I will continue to offer tips and my services to you.

Thank you! ~ Jen
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