Can't We All Just Get Along? Mixing In Other Pets

Mixing in other pets is not always easy, especially when you're mixing carnivores with vegetarians. It is possible though for your pet dog or cat to get along with your bunny. What most animals are neurotic about is their territory. It is important to realize that your pets need their own space, food, and toys.

Your pets also heavily rely on their sense of smell. Dogs, cats, rabbits and many other small animals do a lot of their investigating and introducing with their noses. This is imperative information to know when you're going to bring in a new family member.
Here are some tips:

1) For starters, keep your new pet in a separate room.

2) Place toys that your new pet has played with and place them around the house where the other pet members are, so they can get used to the new scent.

3) Eventually, bring out your new pet to the same room but keep it in its cage so the other members can sniff around it.

4) Supervision is crucial when you are going to let your pets make contact with each other. If you're mixing different breeds, (dog and rabbit) make sure the dog remains submissive and your rabbit has dominance. Let your rabbit brush up and sniff your pet. If you are mixing two rabbits, be sure to separate your rabbits if they still can't manage to be friends.

Just like the human world, not all animals are going to get along because of their conflicting personalities. I hope these tips do help you if you still choose to bring in a new pet. Good Luck!

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Image Source: The Cat's Meow