Clipping Your Bunny's Nails

As a bunny parent, there comes a time when you must clip your pet's nails. Many pet owners who are uncomfortable with clipping their pet rabbit's nails will often have their vet perform this task. It is possible for you to do the trimming yourself, if you want to save the time and money. The only tools you will need for this process are nail clippers, a blanket, and a good source of light.

Much like a fingernail of a human, a rabbit’s nail has a pink flesh-color that runs down the middle of the nail that should not be cut. This flesh-color part of the nail is called the "quick" and it actually is a vein. As the nail grows longer, so will the quick. Be sure to trim just past the end of the quick. Having a good source of light is crucial to seeing where the quick is on your bun. If you have a rabbit with dark nails, it sometimes helps to have a flashlight handy as well as a helper to aid you in where you should cut.

If you have a rabbit that doesn't like to sit still, you can use your towel to swaddle him/her up. This is actually a really nice method to practice, for it helps you to pull out and concentrate on one foot at a time.

Even the most skilled nail trimmers make mistakes and accidentally cut the quick. In this case it is a really good idea to use cotton/bandages and apply small pressure to the wound. Make sure the bleeding stops before you leave your rabbit unattended in its cage.

It is usually a good idea to trim your bunny's nails every 3 weeks. The more you trim your pet's nails, the more you and your pet will become comfortable with this procedure.