"Gross! Why Is My Bunny Eating Its Poop?"

"Why is my bunny eating its poop?" is a question I often hear from pet owners. Before you knock your rabbit's dung out of its mouth, I'm going to assure you that your rabbit is normal and is just adding another practice to its diet, an essential practice.

Your bunny excretes two kinds of poops, one is for wastes and the other is called cecotropes. If you want a detailed description of cecotropes click on the link and you will be forwarded to a wikipedia site with the definition listed. To put simply, cecotropes, also called "night feces," are the material resulting from the fermentation of food in a part of the digestive system called the "cecum." The cecotropes have plenty of nutrients that your bunny needs, and that can't be supplemented by anything else on the market. It is very important that you look at your rabbit's stool and pay attention that your rabbit is producing the two kinds of poops. I should point out that rabbits usually produce cecotropes at night, but if you see a soft wet looking poop (not runny poops - that indicates your bun is sick), most likely then it is cecotropes.

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