Litter Training Your Rabbit

Yes it's true, you can litter train your rabbit! It's a tedious process, but if you are persistent and patient your bunny will be ready to use its litter box on its own. Okay, so let's get started!

1) Just like the picture, you need to get a litter box for your bun (if you haven't done so already from the "making a home" post). I prefer to have a box like the one shown because it shields urine from spraying up. If you can't find one like that, don't worry, there are many shapes and sizes of litter boxes that you'll most likely find in the cat aisle of a pet store. I like to find something that my rabbit can hop in and out of with ease, make sure the height is no more than 3 inches, you don't want to deter your rabbit from going to the bathroom.

2) Let your bunny decide where it wants to pee! Your bun is going to have a preference on which corner or section it wants to do its business. Once it decides where it wants to excrete, place the litter box there.

3) Once you place the litter box down, I would suggest lining the bottom of the litter box with either newspaper, recycled paper mulch (preferred), or both. Then, throw in some of your rabbit's poops in the box. I'm not kidding, this will help your bunny become more comfortable and familiar with using the litter box because it will smell its "markings" there.

4) Make sure your rabbit is in its cage for the most part. Before you go ahead and give your rabbit plenty of independence, your bun needs to feel safe and secure in its home. After a week or so, gradually let your bunny out and see if it will go back in its home to urinate. If your rabbit does, then you have been successful! If not, be patient!

Side Note: For the most part, your bunny is going to poop where it pees but there are times when it is going to excrete poop anywhere. Scatter poops usually means that its just marking its territory. Don't forget your rabbit also excretes cecotropes for it to eat and it might just want it separated from the other poop and urine wastes.