Bunny Tips: Call and Answer

Wouldn't it be nice if you could call your bunny over and s/he would come?! Well you can and I'm going to tell and show you how. For starters make sure you don't feed your bunny junk food or treats (ie: apples, carrots, yogurts etc) everyday otherwise this "call and answer" trick will take longer than expected. When calling your bunny over, I wouldn't use his/her name, instead make a certain sound from your mouth. Some people use caps from bottles (clicker training), I personally use a smooching sound. Please check out the video below. As you can see Tamago, the bunny, has just been introduced to this method and he is not doing so bad for a beginner. His reward for coming over is a slice of apple.

Some bunnies catch on immediately, and others take a little more time. I find this trick very helpful in times when my bunny hides underneath the bed or I'm trying to put him back in his cage for the night. The video below shows just what you can do once your bunny masters the call and answer. Very impressive how these rabbits can run through obstacle courses!