PediPaws Not for Rabbits!

As a pet sitter I have come across some neat pet grooming materials. I believe the latest hype these days is the nail filer, called PediPaws. I do have this contraption at home and have used it on dogs. In opinion, I was not impressed because it took too long to file down the nails. Most pets who are being groomed start to lose their patience if you can't cut their nails fast and efficiently.

Now, I have had many bunny owners email me asking for my opinion on whether or not they should use this gadget on their rabbit. My answer: NO! NO! NO! Your rabbit's nails are too gentle. This contraption could end up causing a lot of harm to your rabbit's nails, such as splitting the nail or dragging the nail up with the sandpaper dremel. Your rabbit is also very sensitive to sound and motion, so putting a vibrating nail remover on his/her foot could be too scary or ticklish and he/she could end up causing more bodily harm when trying to escape.

If you need help with filing your bunny's nails please read my post on how to do just that.